Cheesy1 Creations!
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Cheesy1 Creations!

These are links to different types of my own homemade stuff. If you are going to watch my movies and you don't have Divx Mpeg4 on your computer (or you're not sure), please download the installer on the right side of the screen. Enjoy!

Cheesy1 Star Trek Cards! New and IMPROVED homemade Star Trek Cards section.
Cheesy1 Young Jedi Cards! My homemade Young Jedi Cards.
New Improved Commercial! On a new page and in a smaller format for easier downloading!
DeVry Combat SE Corny kung-fu-type movies at their worst!
DeVry: Truths Revealed Secrets of DeVry Fremont!
Please Install This First!!!
Divx Mpeg4 Codec There are 2 parts to the installation. After the first part, go to your start menu, find Divx under "Programs," and click on "Run Me First!" Then you're done!